Stereoscopic (3D) movie and animation

Studio Vrabchev offered for the first time in Bulgaria services "stereoscopic animation" and "stereoscopic film shooting", and subsequent processes - stereoscopic post production and DCP mastering to broadcast in digital cinemas. Closing the circle of movie making kind of products enables its clients to express themselves in a new dimension. Besides making a new video, the studio offers the opportunity to convert the now-ready ads, photographed in a standardized way in three-dimensional version. for this purpose using 2 different methods produce different degrees of realism as a method using a 3D program provides a realistic maximum effect.

Computer Animation

Producing and animating of characters, environment, special effects:
From usual informative examination of the building, to a film with narrative story, shooting footage of the real environment and people and conjunction with the computer animation in a finished product advertising.
Special effects in movies, television, commercials and music videos. From the decor to the virtual simulations of complex dynamics of the characters to create their animation riging, motion capture, simulation of clothing, lips synchonization, and anything that will make the animation better. Create materials with high precision and detail, lighting and composition, interaction and timing. Simulations of complex fluids, dust, fire, explosions and many other effects needed to create realistic or fantastic environment.

Movie and Video filming

Filming of cinema and video materials as intended - a presentation, film, advertising, music video. Preparation of a product from concept to execution or a preset direction. The use of different effects to achieve the desired effect and reinforce the idea or purpose of the material.


Combination of images, color corrections, color balance, special effects, captions, sound, sound balance.

Digital Cinema Package (DCP)

This service is converting of any video source material in a format suitable for broadcast in digital cinemas

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